Utmost Confidence

We believe that in order to improve ourselves every day we must work with the best. This is why we stand out being the commercial ally of the most world renowned companies, offering the best services and equipment in the market to our clients.

Our Human Talent is our distinguishing value and are clients are our raison d’être. We aim to build a close and loyal relation with them, creating a strong and long-lasting bond which allows us to grow together.

Constantly seeking innovation, we project toward the long-term, creating long-lasting relations and rendering impeccable service are the pillars on which we promise our clients UTMOST CONFIDENCE.


To be the leading comprehensive technology products and service suppliers in all of the American Continent, offering the best technical solutions to our clients which will facilitate their processes and help the growth and development of the countries in which we are present.


Our main purpose is to supply technology products and services enabling our clients to receive a higher value, our employees and business partners to share our success and the name of Seijiro Yazawa Iwai be unequivocally linked to quality, confidence and the best customer service.


  • Constantly seeking innovation.
  • Exceptional Service committed to the client.
  • Loyalty with our people and clients.
  • Flexibility in order to provide customized solutions and adapting to the environment.
  • We offer Utmost Confidence in our experience and trajectory.
  • Quality is always present in our products, services and talent.
  • Our Human Talent is our distinguishing value.